Custom mirrors Perth


Custom mirrors Perth

Whether you’re renovating or decorating, we can prepare and deliver custom mirrors of any size or shape direct to your door.

We specialize in custom mirrors and offer free delivery for all flameless mirrors in Perth and Melbourne.

If you need any type of mirrors in Perth or Melbourne we can help

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bar areas
  • Commercial
  • Retail

Most popular mirrors

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flameless mirror perth
Glue back frameless mirror

 Glue back

For a simple minimalist option check out our glue back mirrors. (cannot be removed once installed)
Cheap stylish and easy to install make this a perfect option for any bathroom or any other room


Frameless mirror on clips
Frameless mirror on clips

Mirror clips

For a removable option check out our frameless mirror on clips.
Still a very affordable option  but with the option to remove if needed.




Gym mirrors Perth
Gym and dance mirrors

 Gym and dance mirrors

If your passionate about working out or dancing you will understand the importance of a good sized gym mirror or dance mirror.
At we take all the fuss out of getting large mirrors into you home gym, dance studio or commercial gym and offer both a supply only option with all the info you need to do it yourself including free delivery or a fully installed option were we take care of the whole thing for you, from measuring to installation, we can do the lot , we can even help with transporting your mirrors to a new location!


Choosing the right custom mirrors:

We supply custom mirrors in 4mm or 6mm as large mirrors need to be thicker for safety reasons.

Not sure what you need? Just give us a call or fill in a quote form to send us the details of the job and we’ll let you know the right thickness to use. Or read our information section, which will explain how to choose the right type of mirror for the job.

Mirrors for wet areas:

If the mirrors will be used in a wet area, like a bathroom, laundry or kitchen, there are Australian safety standards that need to be followed. This can include adding a vinyl backing or using silicone (glue) to stick the mirror to a wall.

When you place your order, let us know where it will be installed and we’ll make sure we supply you with the right type of custom mirrors for the job. We can also supply the silicone (glue) if you need it.

Gym mirrors and dance Mirrors.

If your after larger mirrors we have a solution to suit your needs, large runs of mirrors can be directly glued to the wall for a cost effective option or a top and bottom channel can be used for a removable option that can be moved and installed at another location.

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Gym mirrors Perth



Installing mirrors:

All orders are prepared by a professional glazier who will make sure you have what you need to install your mirrors, including glue (silicone) and clips.

If you’d like to find out more about installing custom mirrors yourself, check out our useful information, which lets you know the right way to install mirrors so that you are following the recommended Australian Safety Standards.

You can also shoot us a question via our Facebook page if you need a hand.





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