Cat / dog doors Perth


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Cat and dog doors Perth

At we offer both DIY and a Fully installed option when it comes to cat and dog doors.

All existing glass is replaced with a Toughened Safety glass panel, ensuring complete safety when it comes to your pet.

Our pet doors also offer a locking device for peace of mind, this gives you control on when your pet is aloud outside.

They also include magnetic catch (so no flapping in the wind)

Glass Types

We offer the following options when it comes to choosing your type of glass

• Clear toughened safety glass

• Patterned toughened safety glass

• Tinted toughened safety glass

Obtaining a quote

A quote can be obtained via our get a quote page “and dont worry unlike some of our competitors we will get you a quote as soon as possible” just be sure to mention the below details

• The height and width of the window or glass sliding door.

• Where is the window or glass sliding door located

• Do you require a cat or dog door

• What size is your pet


Below is the dimensions of both our cat and dog door