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Order online today and have glass cut to size and delivered to your door. Install it yourself or have one of our professional glaziers do it for you.

All standard thicknesses and types of glass available for:

  • Windows
  • Picture frames
  • Shelving
  • Splashbacks
  • Cabinet doors
  • Table tops and more

To choose the right thickness for the job you’re doing, see our information section. Or contact us and we’ll let you know what we recommend.

We have supplied glass for so many amazing projects from custom glass table tops to glass bar shelves, glass table protectors for custom made tables and even glass for a home made 3d printer, If you need glass for almost anything, WE CAN HELP!

Most popular products

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All our glass table Protectors are custom made to your measurements in 6mm clear toughened safety glass with a polished edge.
Protect your table from what ever life will throw at it whilst maintaining its looks!



Add style to your bathroom with this custom sized frameless shower panel, the perfect solution for all bathrooms.
With no frame it makes your bathroom feel huge and will suit any type of design.
Simple to install as all our panels come with everything you need.





We custom cut all of our 10mm table tops and they are all Grade A safety glass
Toughened safety glass is up to five times stronger than standard glass and if it is to break it shatters into tiny pieces and not large dangerous shards.
Heat is not a problem with toughened glass with the glass being able to withstand hot pots being placed straight on too it, though we recommend placing something between it to prevent scratching

Splashbacks and colour backed glass

Splashbacks are made from glass that is painted on the back, using a special process. Want to match a paint colour? We can post a colour sample to you first, so you can be sure you’re happy with it.

Patterned glass

You can create privacy in a bathroom, laundry or toilet, but still have light coming in, by using patterned glass. To find out the current patterns available, simply send us an email.

Edge finishing

Your glass job can be finished using one of these options:

  • Arris technique – the sharp edges are removed
  • Polishing – the edges are polished to create a cleaner finish

When you let us know what type of job you’re doing, we can let you know the best way to finish the glass.