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Build a glass fish tank

Building a fish tank is a pretty specialised area and I personally haven’t tried my hand at it, yet, however, there are some basic pointers to follow if you are considering giving it a go. Get the right silicone: Number one on my list is, please make sure you use an aquarium safe silicone, this is […]


How to handle glass safely

Handling glass has become a lot safer over the years. If you take your time, plan your job and use the correct safety gear you will be fine to do most standard jobs by yourself and handle glass safely. Choosing the right glass Using the right glass for the right job is the most important […]


Cut a hole in glass

This is for all you jewel thieves out there, although after you read it you’ll understand why it’s not the best way to steal that magnificent pink diamond. Cutting a round hole follows all the same steps as cutting a circle, up until the releasing step, I have included illustrations below, as this can be […]