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Glass to protect a table

Choosing the right glass for a table

This post will break down some of the confusion associated with choosing the right glass for a table. The most important thing to know is whether you need a sturdy table “top” or simply a protective piece of glass to go on “top” of an existing table –  try and say that ten times fast. […]


Cutting glass circles

Have you ever watched a movie where the cat burglar breaks in through a window by cutting a hole in the glass? He scores a circle with something sharp and as quick as anything pops out the piece of glass. Well unfortunately, as with many things you see in the movies, it’s not the same […]


Where can I buy glass?

Home I started this blog at the same time that I started an online It’s an online glass store that supplies Australian retail customers with glass and mirror cut to size and delivered to their door. During the pilot stage of developing the business I’d often be asked the same questions about working with […]


Choosing the right glass

To do the job right – the first time, and to keep your family and friends safe, it’s important to choose the right glass. You’ll need to get the right thickness and, for certain jobs, the right coating. I’ll provide more detail in future posts, but these tips will give you an idea of the […]


What is glass?

If you look up Wikipedia it will tell you that glass is “an amorphous (non-crystalline) solid material”, usually made from 75 per cent silica, but what is glass?  Thankfully you don’t need to understand it’s chemical structure to work with it, but you may find a bit of advice along the way helpful, which is […]


Fix a putty window

Fixing broken glass in your own widows is so easy it amazes me that more people don’t do it themselves. There are a couple of rules you need to follow with any window and as long as you follow these simple rules it’s easy as pie, and given the price some companies charge to fix […]